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”I think the Florence City Council has an obligation to existing retail to protect that. I haven’t got anything against retail. We all have to buy things. But I think we all had a vision there of some type of business park.”If you want to know your house price then conduct commercial property valuation adelaide on it to know price of your property.The plan for Florence Marketplace calls for a strip of superstores and other retail shops along Houston Road stretching from Ky. to Woods point Drive.

Cincinnati developer North American Properties envisions Florence Marketplace as a strip of three superstores that would total more than square feet on the northwest side of Houston Road. Thirteen to smaller buildings also are planned. The project, which involves acres, also includes an office building and an agreement to development more offices.North American Properties has not said what stores would occupy the buildings.

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Most of the development would be in Florence, but some also would be in unincorporated Boone County. The project won the approval of the Boone County Planning Commission in October and the Boone County Fiscal Court in November.Although the land is zoned for office and light industrial uses, most of the construction along that road has been retail centers, including Wal-Mart, Sam’s, Biggs, Home Quarters, Kohl’s, Meijer and Best Buy.

Council Member Ferd Metzger, who introduced the motion to deny the recommended zone change, said Houston Road does not need more commercial development.Florence Marketplace would be about a quarter of a mile from one of Boone County’s busiest intersections, Ky. and Mall Road. The development would be too much like Mall Road com mercialism, when the studies indicate the two areas should be ”distinctly separate,” Metzger said.

Council members Linda Schaffer and Mel Carroll also voted to deny the zone change. David Osborne and Diane Whalen voted to approve it.Ms. Whalen said even though the development is not what city planners envisioned for the Houston Road area, the proposal has been well-researched and is ”in the best interests of the city.”And, she said, ”I’m not sure we really have the right to deny these property owners the right to sell their land for the best price.”The property is owned by Ruth Doering, Harry Fuller, Mary Ellen Foltz, R.C. Durr and Richard Crist. Glenn Price, an attorney for North American Properties, said the developer took care in its proposal to address traffic and other potential problems.Until the Florence vote Tuesday, the project was on course to be approved.Valuation helps to increase house price.